Aphanasis – the isolation album

A reminder note: during early 2020 – the isolation, anxiety, pandemic sci-fi scenarios, post-apocalyptic landscapes, creativity and a glimpse of aphanasis

The isolation times of 2020 gave a lot actually, especially to *already* not so social people. In this positive aspect, I can think of a lot of artists – one downside was the lack of live performances but on the other side there was an opportunity to stay with themselves more…

I spent some more time with the guitars and my tunes and also had some streaming live sessions on twitch platform. Things evolved shortly and a new album took form. A special album that marks the special times of isolation during first pandemic wave and also is a special kind, a live in studio album, mixed accordingly, without much editing nor mastering.

Was some excellent time, had to mention that two other things converged to the album creation: 

1. The Artwork

There were some photos sent to me by a friend (thanks Mihai “Bebe”) some excellent photos from the same isolation days, of an old block in Bucharest. That kind of building that withstood the test of time not so well (remember the 1977 Earthquake).  The final artwork is based on that photos with addition of some more elements some more direct some more hidden.

2. The Title

Finding a title for the album was challenging in a way (the working title was “isolation” a much too used one) but that changed, and found one just in time.

“Aphanasis” has a deeper meaning actually, maybe a more general one than of ‘fading away.’ A meaning in the context of any-thing, an intrinsic meaning within all things (coming from psychoanalysis, Lacan). It is even a definitory meaning of things, precisely of disappearance that makes things as existing.

ABBILDUNG aphanasis
ABBILDUNG aphanasis

This is my second album this year after “Braahia” which was as part of “the other dreamers” series and “Aphanasis” is very different one, a testament of the isolation times. One to come back from time to time, to feel it’s meaning and what it meant to witness such times.

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