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Over the years I created CD artworks for artists and also for my releases mainly using our photos. Photos were taken either by me or by L.

In the first gallery you can see some available artwork you may EXCLUSIVELY use if you contact me for an agreement, as well as see examples of our used (cannot be reused!) artworks on our releases, other artists, etc. on the second gallery.

So again, you can use the available artworks ONLY AFTER I GIVE YOU THE CONSENT.  Please contact me and tell me which one you need and please come with an offer you think is fair.

Once you have our consent, the images can then be used as base for your work or as they are.

Available artworks for you to use:
Artworks I have done so far:
Artwork Covers Done
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Photography page:

Past photography projects: “Anthropocosmos” Book the definitive selection of our 365 days photo project.