The 20 Years Special

To mark the 20 years anniversary I will make an effort to go through the vault and arrange the unreleased albums over the past 10 years. Material that resides on different mediums, have began as clear album ideas but during the past years were left forgotten, never completed nor released due to lack of interest or time. Now it is a proper time to make them whole, and unravel that work.

The first in the pipeline is “Desanctified Charnels”. There is a clear inclination towards isolationist soundscapes, like for games atmospheres. An album, I think like the others to come, that is not to be listened too loud. It is meant to add texture to your inner worlds, releases with some interesting details along the drone parts, if one has the patience to give it a few spins.

The motivation, beside the anniversary (20 years, ABBILDUNG conceived in 2004-2005), is to exploration of different sound textures, to give new meaning to field recordings, to create some more horror like dark ambient stories with them. While not employing bombastic, clean, cliche, cinematic fx from some commercial libraries, I still want to create some decent dark listens, with the material at hand and own methods. Methods that likes sculptures of sounds, along lengthy, pleasant (at least to me) drone parts.

Desanctified Charnels
“Desanctified Charnels”
on BC and Official Release / Tape Master.
on BC and Official Release

“Desanctified Charnels”, the first anniversary release, was made actually in two versions, one is mastered through analog chain, ultimately re-copied in digital format from a used chrome cassette tape. There is an intention of emphasis on the noisy warmth, but also the result is prone to glitches due to the medium limitation in frequencies and tape imperfections.

Artwork is “hand” made, and despite the AI wave of generative art, I feel there is absolutely not suitable to employ it on my releases. I can sense when one artwork is not humanly generated (for now) and although looking impressive at first, in time, it feels empty and kitschy.

“Spurn”, the second in the special releases season series, is a special release, because it cemented in me my own “solving” of how the detour of humanity, in self-isolation and change in his worlds and the employ of symbols, gave rise to the “consciousness” concept as we seen in within the Zeitgeist. The details are covered in a number of articles on the other part of the coin of research in AI/AGI.

More to come, another worlds, another themes, another fundamental priors games.

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