Before going to releases, you may want to take a look at some ideology surrounding ABBILDUNG (dark ambient) and the sub projects: Fractaled (space dark ambient) and C.fieldechoes (field recordings) and Essentia Mundi music label.

Latest news:

ABBILDUNG aphanasis

01.09.20: “Aphanasis” is out at Essentia Mundi Rec. and here. This is the isolation album.

28.07.20: A new album took form, out of the isolation studio, partly live, aired on the internet during the lock down period.

01.05.20: Connect for ABBILDUNG live from the studio on twitch. Not fixed dates yet but can be once a month.

24.03.20: Braahia CD just released through Essentia Mundi Records. Braahia the 4th installment

14.03.19: Photography website updated here.

31.07.19: Braahia album just released digitally on some websites here.

07.03.19: small shop option on website added. ABBILDUNG CDs direct purchases here.

25.02.19: At The Gates of Ouln album just released. The direct follower of All Demons Are Horned. Purchase at Winter-Light records here.

12.2018: Announced the next full length ABBILDUNG “At The Gates Of Ouln” by Winter-Light label planned January 2019.

8.11.2018: Live in Dublin (Ireland) Edge Hunters supported by Grotto Promotions.

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