Sending the past into the future – my NFT album

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Listen & get the NFT album ABBILDUNG – Dodecagonica.
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In the early months of 2007 I created an album under the name “A Natural Sense Of Balance” with no intention to release it at that time. At least not until there was a proper time to do so, only if something special would come, maybe a vinyl release, I thought then. Well recently I discovered it on one of the backup drives, and due to some circumstances, I decided it is time to do something with it, finally.

ABBILDUNG – A Natural … original cover sketch (2006)

The album exhibits at least one value, more like a long lost “tape” – the tracks are very important to me. They are a part of a history, they are part of my early audio experiments days, of a past long gone. Also, I wanted them to be there in the digital space, but if possible not as a trivial zip on archive sites. Fortunately a special way to release it, it is possible today, even if not many know it at the moment as the technology is very new. So, in a sense I can send at least some tracks into the future. How can this be realized?

With the current advances in Blockchain technologies – that is the technology of the digital future, it is possible to own pieces of digital art, in original. And they are there to stay, for a long time, they “live” on the network but a decentralized one, a network owned by the people, not by companies! They go into the digital chain whilst the digital token (NFT – non-fungible token) they are represented by, is unique – or scarce*, limited, immutable, original, that can not be multiplied, copied, distributed illegally or faked. In the digital world of blockchain, that piece of art will be just like any other unique art object in real world: a painting or sculpture with a plus on guaranteeing its authenticity and much more. In the case of an music album release in general, it will be limited to a number of units that will be issued at the time of the release or for a limited time and also can be tied to a physical format. For a big band sample, to follow how this* goes.

My intention is to launch such an album with that early material, one album distributed as a digitally tokenized track, as one album in a very limited edition – very few tokens of it will be issued on the blockchain!

Only the digital token identifiable on the blockchain will be the original copy of the album. Copies of the audio on hard drive or on other media are not the original asset, not of collectible value. So there will be only that max number of persons as the limitation number of the issued tokens, that can own the album. When he decides he doesn’t need it anymore, he can put it out for action. The blockchain technology & opensea in this case, will take care of the rest. And the artist may even get a percentage of the re-sale.

From the tracks of the early recorded material [A Natural Sense Of Balance] I created an album with 5 tracks (about 36 minutes) of special re-mastered versions. The name of the album as NFT to publish is Dodecagonica, the concept deals with ‘mystica scientifica’ or ‘mysterium cosmographicum’ which transports us to the times of unprecedented discoveries in Kepler’s time – and that discoveries and amazement seems to continue even today, with new levels of abstraction and knowledge in digital domain.

ABBILDUNG – Dodecagonica – The NFT Album (2021)

This album was not published before, nor it will be published elsewhere!

ABBILDUNG – Dodecagonica
Listen & get the NFT album here.

5 audio tracks in one go (320 KBit)

  1. Dodecagonica* (5:13)
  2. Spira Mirabilis** (5:47)
  3. One More Keplerian Night** (7:18)
  4. Randomness In Irrational** (9:24)
  5. Independently Of Human Will** (8:27)

    Total time of file: 36:12 min.
    * New
    ** Dodecagonica Remaster Versions

Released and listed on 10 March 2021. Maybe the first of this kind of release, from Romania, or the first electronic music – experimental – dark ambient as NFT album? (It does not matter as I am not mainstream but tech geek so, just curious.)

Where to look: For more updates, this page. The official opensea account here. Album token asset here. Tx mint on Blockchain info here it includes the fees information I paid, all is transparent.

Redeem notes:
Again, this album is released as NFT limited edition of 6 in total. Meaning only max 6 persons owns this album as digital token.

The buyer can redeem one cassette. The re-sale of the NFT album will get me up to 10%. If that value will be at least 30$ in fiat value, the current holder can redeem a cassette copy of the album too, for free! This applies also to subsequent holders. Total cassettes available are max 13, which will be issued up until the end of 2022.

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