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My music revolves around something and nothing. For the albums check bandcamp or Amazon or iTunes and Spotify. Or at some labels or in personal shop.

Also maybe you’d like to see a discography, here it is:

Albums & EPs:

Spurn (2024) info
Desanctified Charnels
(2024) info
Om Den Syke Jorden (2023)
Placid Mist
(EP, 2022)
Profane Stone
Live In Dublin 81118
They Shall Wake (2021) (“The Awakening…” V) info
(2021, NFT) info
(2020) info
(2020 CD) (“The Landscape…” IV) info
At The Gates of Ouln
(2019 CD) (“The Realm…” II) info
The Midnight Aftermovie
Monoliths (2018) updated EP from 2009
Insigninfinity (2017) as Fractaled
Abelian & Cyclic (2015 12″ EP Vinyl)
All Demons Are Horned (2015 CD) (“The Dream…” I) info
Anthropocosmos (2015 CD) w/ Plateau Omega
The Meaning Of Word Is Sound (2014 CD) w/ Kenji Siratori
Live Brussels (2012) w/ C.fieldechoes info
Dark Nebulae (2011) as Fractaled
Endless Repetition Of The Same (2010)
Monolith (2009) w/ Kunstorm
Two-Sphere Geometry (2008)
Moments Of Order (2007 as Fractaled) info on the original 2007 website & as C.fieldechoes (field recordings) here and here.
Untersuchungen (2006 / RM 2018)
Forms And Balance (EP 2006)
Dunkles Wissenschaftliches Sachverhalten (2005) info on the original 2005 website
Interaction Of Simplicities (2005) as Fractaled

Other tracks appearances

2020: “Transylvanian Blood Ritual” on Sorgnatt – Draculea’s Dungeon
2019: “Dwellers of Dark Earths” track for Distorted Void label
2017: “Om Ter Om” track for Winter Light label
2016: “Morkreg (I vs. II)” track for Terra Relicta
2011: “Purple Sky” track for “Mechanics Of Silence” compilation.
2010: “7ins” track for “7 Deadly Sins” compilation.
2010: “Suspended in Stillness” track for Sorgnatt demo.
2008: “Last Journey To The Hypersphere” track for FIR label compilation.
2008: “Deconsecrate” intro track for Nycticorax band.
2007: Fractaled – “Moments Of Order” excerpt on Dark Winter Netlabel Compilation – 5 Years of Night Music.
2007: Fractaled – “Solar Wind Passes Earth” only field recordings mix track for “Thaw” field recordings compilation at Wandering Ear netlabel.
2006: “Frozen Light” compilation by Essentia Mundi label. Tracks included: ABBILDUNG – “Walk Within” Fractaled – “Slow Light Pulses”
2005: “Absorbed Into Nothingness” track on Sorgnatt band demo.

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