The Dublin live event

It was a real challenge for me to manage to get to that single event, with all the planning to travel to Ireland, to actually get at the live location in time, in (like almost) the middle of the night, to get accustomed to the all-day darkly weather, and to finally overcome the small problems on the actual location’s stage.
Speaking about the stage issues, the live performance was only possible to be presented in mono due to broken cables, and the drums installation* was not tested before there. The last few minutes part, was unfortunately, also interrupted due to technical problems with the audio gear, mainly because of the new USB audio gear / Win10 laptop I was “experimenting” with at that time. But the show and the culminating part of the show, the one with the live aero drums (audience and artist were relieved and cheering there) it worked great!
All in all, we are pleased to have had the audio testament of that event recorded, and now preserved to make it available to the audience and to new listeners in its full potential. To note that it’s raw audio and glitches characteristics are present because the original mixing board capture was used, which in turn was then stereo-enhanced and it followed a new mix and mastering session in the studio.

The road to the Dublin live event was interesting and not smooth to say the least: it all began actually by meeting Michal at Wroclaw Industrial Festival, 08.11.2014. And by meeting him I mean, I was stocked to see a guy wearing a Negura Bunget t-shirt at an Industrial Festival in Poland. I am really a shy person but I made a remark about his t-shirt and that was it. It happened so that I was giving away demos CDs of the “All Demons Are Horned” album and suddenly this guy meant it: “come and play in Ireland, I have a club rented and I organize experimental music events regularly, also we organize caves concerts, so it will be great to play both events.”
It took some years though till this was possible. I remained in contact with Michal and when the proper time arrived, I answered yes to his long standing invitation. At the date after exactly 4 years in 08.11.2018 the live event ABBILDUNG took place in Dublin!

The live imprint of the Dublin concert in 2018, one of the few live events for ABBILDUNG, it is thus a precious audio testament for me. To note that the cave, acoustic concert (planned Kalimba play) was cancelled due to very bad weather.

It was all worth it. Ireland and Dublin is a wonderful place, with one of the most welcoming people I have ever encountered. With its coastal and interesting Gothic landscape, minimalist, a place to return to with an open heart. Feeling like founding a new home…

The actual audio journey presents us with familiar sounds of the mid period with Anthropocosmos to All Demons, to Braahia and in between from not yet published music bits, of doom-ish metal parts and deep waters atmospherics.

*aerodrums by

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