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ABBILDUNG approaches a clear distinction between what it shows (music) and what it expresses (ideology). abbildung defies the ambiguous tries to wordy and logically define music itself and its experience. An abbildung-ian work is whether with a theme, a long time research and also composing work – the unambiguity of words and logic of the theme is seen as a requirement in this case, or the work itself is totally open: no theme, no description, unplanned “overnight” release – for the sake of free sound art and imagination.
The question that remains is what theme is chosen? Naturally, a theme that is reflecting the preoccupations of the one behind abbildung. The ideology within abbildung is clearly contoured and deals with the concrete science fields. In this case it also mainly states what can and cannot be said (the Wittgensteinian approach is highly considered).

The foundation of abbildung’s ideology consists of three major theories from different scientific fields. In a way, it unifies them.

a) A reductionism approach from Physics: if we know the constituent parts of the macro and micro cosmos, we are able to understand anything. We have developed a theoretical framework with the capacity to explain every fundamental feature upon which the material universe is built. This is the string theory or, hereafter, described as being the “Theory of Everything” or the “Final” theory. These pretentious descriptive terms are meant to signify the deepest possible theory in physics – a theory that unifies all other previous works that were engaged directly in unifying the infinite. The consequences of such a theory are of tremendous importance. It could explain our physical meaning within the world. More accurately, this theory offers a pessimistic meaning about humankind: if the Universe were a little bit different we would not exist. We are a trivial product of the cosmic condition, with no mystic, “divine” intervention to be found. Our amazed attitude towards life lies within ourselves.

b) A model of the world, inspired from Mathematics: the chaos theory and the fractals. This is a model that portrays the natural world and its natural flow on both macro and micro levels. It also describes human behavior from the mental point of view: symbols, rules and their computational processes. Basically, the psyche results in the same generative complex as the fractals, going from simple rules to unpredictable “complex” results. This approach argues that most of meta-philosophy is nothing but a product of a simple computational process of symbols based on fractal generative mechanisms. It is similar to a mind game that has very strict rules, but with philosophic, mystic and false, yet persistent, results.

c) The reductionism positivist approach resulting from the language analysis consists in applying a Wittgensteinian method upon the world.

The Wittgensteinian space – a valid and concrete space of the world.

This method (mainly tractarian) censors any mystical image of the world leaving no place for logical uncertainties or meta-physical questions. Questions from ethics, aesthetics, religion or politics would not get a clear answer as they do not really exist in a logical space of the world. Anything said outside the visible world is an a priori pseudo-sentence or non-sense.

abbildung’s world thesis – the micro tractarian thesis – consists of the following:

“Language and the world share a common logical form. Sentences are logical pictures of the world. Images are a model of reality. In the image, objects stand for objects of reality. So, an image is a fact. The correlation of the objects in the image makes its structure. The possibility of this structure is a representation, an ” abbildung. ” An ” abbildung ” is the possibility that objects become subject to other objects in the same manner in which the elements in an image become the subject of another element in it. So an image is connected to reality, it reaches out to the reality. Things need to have something in common with what they represent in order to become an image. It should not go beyond. Beyond lies the mystic. The mystic does not share the same structure as the world it resides in. The mystic aura lies beyond the world and is made of illogical images about the world. Philosophy deals with mystic questions. Philosophy should stand for censor in the sense of clarifying the sentences. It should state clearly what is in the image and what is outside. Its purpose is to clarify what cannot be said by saying clearly what can be said. What is mirrored in language, language cannot explain further. A sentence says something only if it is an image, so any sentence already has a sense. A sentence shows a logical form of reality. It emphasizes it. What can be shown cannot be said.”

Wittgensteinian Space
Wittgensteinian Space

Having said this, I dare say that the clear foundation for abbildung as “a dark image about the world” has been set. Its ideological aspect is clear and complete.
Generally, if an abbildung work has any arguable value, it is one general important: one of logical thoughts revealed through its ideological aspect and a particularly one, its sound tunes you confidentially may enjoy. C.@2005

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