The Other Dreamers

ABBILDUNG – The Other Dreamers Series: our dreams…their awakening

As the story developed, I hope there will be more installments that will be placed in the same universe of “All Demons Are Horned” release. The plot of the ongoing story is based on the concept of how we might be perceived by and how we got to influence an alien race without actually making real contact with them.

The first chapter took us to a journey to see how and what they perceive from us – subliminally through their dreams mostly – the remote dreamers they aren’t aware that the realm of dreams are distorted others selves. Then we will go to a journey to their world to get to know them and their places (taking Braahia planet for example: with the great plains of the light horns they venerate). And lastly – as they heard a lot of times the chants from the deepest space (carried through radio waves, or information through the gravitational or light waves), a look at their incipient practices they cannot make sense of. They are pieces of mystical practices unwillingly and unaware borrowed from us and partly conceived by them. We will descend into their planet to their mystical gate of Ouln – where they are performing the rituals of the Dark Aum…I think. It is hard to understand and tell more, as they do not use a language but a few signs and telepathy. We are here to know more, to witness their primordial rituals that will begin transforming their world forever…

What do we know: there are the signs of Niim, Devia, Usdeno, Srater, Abrasi & Gliseii. Ealis, Darha, Rakka, Laure, Braahia, Vermosa, Are they places? Deities? Brejor, Feruni, Zahir…

It is little known, but there are ways to find out…

All Demons Are Horned [I] – we gave them our darkest dreams

At The Gates Of Ouln [II] – diving into the remote dreamers world

• Creatures Of Some Other Kind [III] – getting to know the other dreamers (TBA)

Braahia [IV] – their planet and their interstellar dream catchers

They Shall Wake [V] – they shall rise from slumber

These are the planned releases that will illustrate the remote world of “The Other Dreamers” series (in shop or bandcamp.)
With the closing chapter “They Shall Wake”…from slumber.
This is the series of releases that convey also the story (he, C. Stefan, developed the original idea around 2015) in which our dreams being cast across the Universe, are to be unconsciously received by other species, thus bootstrapping themselves, without knowing, to a higher consciousness state. And so on. (The kind of panpsychism propagation.)
As the creatures were awakened by our dreams to higher consciousness levels, they ultimately are becoming the new casters of some dreadful dreams.
This means, the consciousness levels of the creatures in the Universe are elevated only when they receive those dreams. Afterwards, in return they become the next casters, the new awakeners and the cycle repeats from one race to the next. Thus the Universe runs on dreams, and that way it gets itself bootstrapped into self-awareness.

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